iCarpool is now SmartRideshare!

The iCarpool platform to manage TDM programs underwent a branding update in late 2014. The new platform is now available as SmartRideshare and has newer features. Talk to us and find out how SmartRideshare can solve your TDM challenges!

What our customers are saying:

The iCarpool ride-matching system offered us an attractive user interface, a branding option, trip logging and administrative capabilities at a price that was more affordable for our start-up TDM program. The people at iCarpool have been very flexible and responsive in addressing our needs, such as for customized regional reports, both before and after system launch.
-Jane Love, Transportation Planner, Chatham County

We had outgrown our legacy ridematching software and initially thought we could hire a vendor to build a completely custom system. Eighteen months later, we gave up and hired iCarpool. iCarpool was brought in under enormous pressure – we could only give them three months to deliver. But working with iCarpool was delightful because they did everything they promised, stayed on schedule and delivered within the three month deadline. They included additional features, listened to our needs, spent time and overtime thinking through our requests and goals and coming up with the best solutions. We got everything we needed from iCarpool at a fraction of the price of a custom build. They have been the best contractors I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with and as a result, we extended and expanded our contract with them.
-Linda Dowlen, TDM Program Manager, DRCOG RideArrangers, Denver, CO

How we started

The SmartRideshare platform was conceived at a gas pump. The founders were greatly influenced by news about global warming and dependency on oil. Rising prices at the gas pump, traffic congestion problems together with the environmental concerns triggered the idea of SmartRideshare. When the founders looked at existing solutions, they realized the solutions left much to be desired. They decided to use their expertise in software to develop a solution which enables new scenarios. The solution they developed is SmartRideshare. SmartRideshare was born by marrying technology with transportation to solve real world problems with our roadways. Today, the SmartRideshare platform is one of the most comprehensive software platforms in the market for transportation demand management.

Fortune 500 employers, state DOTs, transit agencies and major metropolitan areas across North America currently use the SmartRideshare platform. SmartRideshare helps businesses, institutions, regional governments, TMA/TMOs and public agencies sustain state of the art programs that promote alternative modes of transportation. Our company has been chosen through competitive processes for one of the largest deployment in the ridematching space – to serve the entire states of Washington, Oregon and Idaho and multiple transit agencies, city jurisdictions, county governments operating within the region. The SmartRideshare platform (formerly known as iCarpool) was awarded the first prize in a global competition among 116 companies for reducing traffic congestion and promoting the use of alternative modes such as carpool, vanpool, transit, bike and walk. The competition was held by the prestigious institution Intelligent Transportation Society of America (ITS America) and the award was given out during the ITS World Congress in Stockholm, Sweden.

Partners and International Affiliates

The SmartRideshare platform is designed to positively impact broad issues such as traffic congestion, greenhouse gas emissions and parking demand for employers, local governments and other organization types throughout the globe. We understand the need for an open and rewarding affiliate program to take the services we offer across countries and continents and to the next level. Find out details about our affiliate programs by contacting us.