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Campus parking in high demand? High gas cost and increased commute cost causing pain to staff and students? Want to provide an option for students for using carpool for one-off long distance trips such as a trip home for the thanksgiving weekend? Or maybe as a university, you want to demonstrate leadership in responsibility towards the environment and reduce CO2 emissions?

Universities can now take advantage of the SmartRideshare software platform that has been designed to cater to the needs of student population, staff and faculty. SmartRideshare can be customized specific to your organization goals around reducing travel cost, emissions, parking demand and/or mobility. SmartRideshare combines ride matching, multi-modal trip log calendar, web-based incentive management and commute services such as emergency ride home, carpool parking management and transit pass incentive into one integrated system. This means your users do not have to visit different sites – one system caters to all their ride matching needs and related services.

SmartRideshare has pioneered the strategy of using local networks in combination with social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to maximize opportunities. Matched users are more likely to carpool or vanpool with others from the same university or next door neighbors. Similarly, matched users are more likely to connect with profiles that are credible (Facebook integration). The SmartRideshare platform provides all this information directly on the matchlist to build user confidence in the matches visible on the matchlist and maximize opportunities.

Talk to us today to understand what we can do to help you achieve participation that could be 20% or higher.


Fully hosted internet based solution that is hands free for you

We manage technology – you manage transportation. No need to engage IT – now, that’s easy!


Quick setup, needs no training

Award winning software with a simple, attractive and intuitive interface ensures staff and students need no training!


Use for commute, occasional trips and real-time trips

SmartRideshare can be used for all trip types – recurring, one-time long distance trips and immediate or real-time trips on the go!


Integrated program tracking capabilities

CO2 emission savings, reduced VMT and program participation – review and showcase your progress!


Includes full administration toolkit

Incentives, fulfillment, guaranteed ride home, surveys, reporting – we provide tools that empower you to manage your program with ease!


Includes tools for outreach, surveys and providing commuter assistance

Outreach toolkit is built in with survey, email and push content capabilities!


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Edition Features

Provide students, staff and faculty a customized portal with your logos and content.

We provide sample promotional material and expertise so that you can achieve and maintain high participation.

Easily administer a program with multiple van providers (leased or agency).

Allow ride sharing to University events using event ridematching.

Provide a program that includes multi-modal support including carpool, vanpool, bike, walk and transit.

Take your benefits and incentives online - SmartRideshare has capabilities for campus parking management, incentives, emergency ride home and more.