Agency Edition

Increase mobility, alternative mode usage and provide state of the art commuter services

We are keen in partnering with transportation planners, regional governments and transportation management agencies on broad solutions to reduce emissions, traffic congestion and substantially promote alternative modes. The SmartRideshare platform combines ride matching, multi-modal trip log calendar to log commute and non-commute trips, web-based incentive management, commute services such as emergency ride home management, bike locker rental management and vanpool management into an integrated system. This means commuters do not have to visit different sites – one system caters to all their ride matching needs and related services. The solution has multi-level administration capabilities for managing the program at different levels such as the state, county, regional agency, city, TMA and/or employer.

The application can be customized specific to your organization goals around reduced emissions, reducing single occupancy vehicles and traffic congestion, reducing parking demand and/or providing additional mobility options. Apart from enjoying great services such as high precision ride matching, your users will be happy to see your organization taking steps to be an environmentally responsible agency. The administration capabilities for managing the program can help you simplify and reduce efforts for incentive management, outreach, commute services such as guaranteed ride home and built in program reporting.


Fully hosted internet based solution that is hands free for you

We manage technology – you manage transportation. Now, that’s easy!


Caters to all ride matching needs

Commute and non-commute trips such as events, long distance, SchoolPool and even real time!


Integrated multimodal trip log calendar

Complete workflows with fulfillment and tracking reduces your effort processing incentives!


Incentive management and fulfillment capabilities

Complete workflows with fulfillment and tracking reduces your effort processing incentives!


Integrated with Facebook and Twitter

Enable social profiles and viral growth through built in social networking integration!


Integrated real-time ridesharing through mobile phones

Provide users capability to connect with others in minutes and rideshare!


Provide guaranteed ride home with 24×7 access online

Provide guaranteed ride home online complete with printable vouchers and usage tracking!


Integrated program tracking capabilities

CO2 emission savings, reduced VMT and program participation – review and showcase your progress!


Includes tools for outreach, surveys and providing commuter assistance

Outreach toolkit is built in with survey, email and push content capabilities!


Do you manage vanpools?

SmartRideshare offers complete vanpool management with NTD reporting! We can help you simplify your program and increase efficiencies!

16 vanpool agencies manage over 3,000 vanpools using the vanpool management module available in the SmartRideshare platform. The vanpool module includes several first-of-a-kind innovations to enable increased self service usage and simplify administration tasks associated with vanpools. To learn more about our vanpool capabilities, click here.

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Edition Features

Implement one broader program across a large geography such as statewide or multi-county - that provides efficiencies of scale and maximizes matching.

With SmartRideshare, multiple programs can run independently under your agency program.

Track environmental benefits and congestion reduction brought about by your program.

Provide a fully customized solution bearing your branding, links and logos complete with content delivery mechanisms.

Provide a program that includes multi-modal support including carpool, vanpool, bike, walk and transit.Benefit from reduced administrative efforts with integrated administrative capabilities at various levels to fully manage the program.

Manage commute services online - modules such as emergency ride home program management and bike locker rental program management are built in.