Employer Edition

Reduce employee commute costs, emissions, parking demand

High gas cost and increased commute cost affecting employee retention? Is your office location at a place which does not have transportation options such as public transit? Or maybe as an organization, you want to demonstrate leadership in responsibility towards the environment and reduce CO2 emissions?

We understand you need a carpooling solution that caters to your needs. The SmartRideshare software platform can be customized specific to your organization goals around reducing travel cost, emissions, parking demand and/or mobility. SmartRideshare can help you to provide comprehensive alternative transportation choices such as carpool and vanpool to your employees. SmartRideshare combines ride matching, multi-modal trip log calendar, web-based incentive management and commute services such as emergency ride home into an one integrated system. This means your employees do not have to visit different sites – one system caters to all their ride matching needs and related services.

Apart from enjoying great services such as high precision ride matching, your employees will be happy to see your organization taking steps to reduce emissions and congestion and be an environmentally responsible business. The administration capabilities for managing the program can help you simplify and reduce efforts for incentive management, outreach, commute services such as guaranteed ride home and built in program reporting.


Fully hosted internet based solution that is hands free for you

We manage technology – you manage transportation. Now, that’s easy!


Quick setup, needs no training

Intuitive and easy interface ensures your employees need no training to use SmartRideshare!


Use for commute and business trips

Beyond employee commute – reduce your travel costs by promoting carpooling for business trips!


Integrated program tracking capabilities

CO2 emission savings, reduced VMT and program participation – review and showcase your progress!


Includes full administration toolkit

Incentives, fulfillment, guaranteed ride home, surveys, reporting – we provide tools that empower you to manage your program with ease!


Includes tools for outreach, surveys and providing commuter assistance

Outreach toolkit is built in with survey, email and push content capabilities!


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Edition Features

Provide employees a secure and customized portal with your logos and content.

Configure as exclusive ride match (employees may match with coworkers only) or include companies next door.

Allow employees to share the ride to corporate events using event ridematching.

Provide a program that includes multi-modal support including carpool, vanpool, bike, walk and transit.

Take your benefits and incentives online - SmartRideshare has capabilities for incentives, emergency ride home and more.

Implement SmartRideshare for reducing business trips and see cost savings of gas, toll, parking and overheads.

Implement one solution that works seamlessly for all your branches - worldwide.