Track And Measure Impact – Influence Transportation Choices!

Measure participation, CO2 savings, monetary savings and total impact. Influence transportation choices towards sustainability or cost-reduction.

The SmartRideshare platform comes built in with a trip tracker and reporting modules. Users record their trips in a trip tracking calendar. The system analyzes the trips that are recorded and calculates the impact. Users can see their own individual CO2 savings and monetary savings with a user friendly achievements display. The employer or agency is able to measure and produce reports on collective impact of all its users.
With it’s visual interface, easy to use trip logging feature, integration with mobile apps and powerful analysis and reporting tools – the SmartRideshare trip tracker has received rave reviews from program administrators.

Highlights of SmartRideshare Trip Tracker

Track commute and non-commute trips to include work-related trips and personal trips
The system tracks total impact regardless of the trip purpose.
Track all modes in a multi-modal commute
The system allows tracking all the legs of a multi-modal trip. This allows users and administrators to get a complete picture of modal usage.
Automatic and accurate distance calculation
The system automatically calculates the exact distance for each trip so there are never problems such as arbitrary or approximate numbers entered.
Mobile apps with reminders allow easy logging of trips using smartphones
The mobile apps remind the user to log trips and provide full functionality on the iPhone and Android to log trips and view achievements.
Incentives and prize drawings tied to trips recorded in calendar
The system provides complete workflows for setting up an incentive program or a drawing with custom criteria based on trips recorded in the calendar. The system also has features for processing incentives, fulfillment and reporting.

Mobile apps are included in the platform.

The SmartRideshare TripLogger app is available on iPhone and Android phones. It can be used to log trips from the phone to the trip log calendar. The system allows the user to set up a Trip Log Template. Once set up, the app can be used to confirm trips that are posted to your account based on the template. The app also reminds users to log trips in their calendar periodically.


Integrated incentive management workflows

The SmartRideshare platform provides a comprehensive incentive module that contains complete workflows for administrators to set up an incentive program or a prize drawing to influence desired modes, allow users to track progress and qualify using recorded trips, and process incentive requests. The platform includes electronic fulfillment (delivery of the reward to the user). The administrator also has access to generate reports and review associated impact.

SmartRideshare provides a platform that includes Comprehensive Tracking, Influence Management and Reporting. This allows an organization to track metrics associated with various modes, provide incentives to promote specific modes such as carpool or public transit, and then generate reports to review impact.

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