Share rides, save time, money, and the environment

Want to provide assistance to busy parents who are always multi-tasking? Use the SchoolPool module in the SmartRideshare platform to help parents share rides and thus save time, money and the environment. Influence and educate children on their transportation choices and the effects of those choices on the wallet, on health and the environment.

The SmartRideshare SchoolPool module provides first-of-a-kind combined Opt-In and Opt-Out capability. This empowers schools to choose between programs which allow self-service usage and managed programs that allow bulk enrollment and matching without needing user action. The system provides a trip log calendar with which SchoolPool trips can be recorded and monetary and emission savings achieved by using alternative modes can be reported.

The SchoolPool module can also be used for other modes relevant for schools such as bike and walk. Increase safety associated with travel to school by encouraging students to walk in groups, by forming a walking school bus, or ride the bicycles in groups. Similarly, in addition to commute to school (trips to the school and back), the SchoolPool module can be used for one time trips such as a trip to a school event or a game.

Reduce local congestion at schools, provide support for parents and prepare for a better tomorrow by influencing and educating children using SchoolPool. Talk to us about how we can help your SchoolPool program.

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Platform Features

Influence and educate children on their transportation choices

Combined Opt-In and Opt-Out matching capability

Integrated incentive management and reporting

Built in import capability to import the school roster

Built in batch match capability to send out automated matchlists