Comprehensive vanpool management with click through NTD reporting

The SmartRideshare platform has a first of a kind vanpool module that allows administrator managed vanpools, self-service vanpools or a combination of both. Commuters are empowered with capabilities that enable finding vanpools, joining vanpools, forming new vanpools. Vanpool drivers and coordinators are empowered to perform operations such as vanpool formation, route changes, role changes and gathering ridership data. The unique vanpool management in the SmartRideshare platform increases efficiencies and reduces administration needs from vanpool administrators. With SmartRideshare, agencies have the unique capability to choose to between using self-service vanpool management and agency administered vanpool management or a combination of both. This approach enables agencies that may have older vanpool management programs to gradually transition to a newer program and then move to a self-service usage.

Commuters also periodically provide ridership information that includes accurate VMT and boarding information this information may be used by administrators to generate click through reports for NTD reporting needs.

Administrators are provided administration tools to perform driver changes, approve new vanpools, track fleet information, maintain audit records and generate reports that oversee the operations of the entire vanpool program. Because the SmartRideshare platform comes built in with incentive management and subsidy management employers and agencies are able to provide vanpool incentives or subsidies directly from the system.

16 agencies with over 3,000 vans carrying over 15,000 commuters utilize the SmartRideshare platform today! We understand vanpool management. Talk to us about your vanpool needs.

Thinking about MDTs and concerned about capital costs?

The SmartRideshare Smart Vanpool module provides a real-time vanpool application that works on popular smartphones such as the iPhone and Android as well Mobile Data Terminals. With a growing user base of smarpthone users, you will be surprised at the cost savings you can achieve using a mixed or smartphone only approach for your vanpools. Don’t be left with an inventory of devices that will become outdated in a year. Talk to us about how you can use our Smart Vanpool module to bring efficiencies to your vanpool fleet.

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Platform Features

Empower your vanpoolers to assist in vanpool management through self-service features.

Integrate vanpool with other modes such as Carpool and Bus to allow users to review other travel options.

Easily administer a program with multiple van providers (leased or agency).

Automate NTD reporting tasks.

Automate audit reporting for startups, terminations, driver changes, etc. Get alerted on thresholds for instance administrators when the number of vanpoolers in a van falls below the required number.