Comprehensive Ridematching

Recurring trips on a schedule, one time trips and event trips – the SmartRideshare platform provides a one stop shop for all ridematching needs.

The SmartRideshare system provides a one stop shop for all the ridematching needs. Ridematching can be performed for conventional modes such as carpool, vanpool and non-conventional modes such as bike and walk. Our unique approach of integrating local networks with social networks ensures users could find co-workers, employees from next door employers and users with active social profiles for ridesharing. This builds confidence significantly beyond its seemingly unsafe “hitch-hiking” counterpart.

What is cascading matching? Why does it matter?

Carpools and vanpools on a recurring schedule require a fixed pattern of travel – this is usually achieved with an agreement about times, pickup and drop-off location, and such. People in carpools and vanpools usually commit to rideshare for a timeframe of months or years.

On the other hand, event carpooling and one time trip carpooling is essentially a carpool for one trip on a particular day. People engaging in a one time carpool commit to share the ride for one trip on one day only. We have pioneered cascading matching – this allows existing recurring (regular schedule) carpools and vanpools to match with one time trip carpools and event carpools. So, a recurring carpool or vanpool with an empty seat may be able to provide a ride to a user for one trip. This unique approach ensures maximum empty seat utilization and helps build critical mass. This unique approach lets the user pick the best form of ridesharing that meets personal needs. For example, a user could join a carpool on a recurring schedule – and on days when the travel requirements change unanticipated (for example, the user had to work late), the user could utilize the one time trip matching capabilities available in the same system to match with others instantly and find a ride.

Figure – The SmartRideshare platform addresses the critical mass problem for one time trips and event matching by unlocking empty seats in other forms of carpooling and vanpooling. The system is built with the first of a kind cascading matching with which a recurring carpool or vanpool with an empty seat may be found as a match for a real-time user thus maximizing empty seat usage.

SmartRideshare Ridematching

Matching for commute and non-commute trips including work-related (business) trips, event trips and personal trips
The system provides a one stop shop for all the ridematching needs a user may have.
Multi-modal matching includes carpool, vanpool, bike and walk
Riding bikes in groups is safer than a single person riding. Non-conventional modes such as bike matching allows a rider to find other riders and ride together.
Multiple ridematching trips per user
A user can create multiple ridematching trips. This helps cater to various mobility needs of the user such as commute and one time trips.
Along the route matching included
The system matches others who may be along the route. Thus a shared ride may be only for a partial segment of the driver’s trip. This further boosts matching opportunities.
No need for radius or other complex parameters
Users do not have to specify complex parameters such as radius to search – the SmartRideshare platform computes all compatible matches and displays the best matches first – this strategy allows communication with the best matches in the system.
Interactive maps that show GIS data such as park-and-rides
The system allows the user to create trips using interactive maps that include geocoding and reverse geocoding and also show GIS data such as park-and-rides.


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Platform Features

Maximize empty seat utilization with cascading matching

Multi-modal matching, multi-purpose matching supporting commute, business trips, event matching

Proprietary high precision matching accurate up to a few meters